Hand Wash

No-sting and safe for the skin. Spray a suitable amount of handwashing liquid into your palm, rub both hands together for at least 15 seconds until the surface of your skin is dry. The water soluble iodine will absorb within a minute. Rinse with clean water if available.


Dilute with water 4:1 (50ppm) for general purpose cleaning of soft and hard surfaces. The diluted spray is naturally colored light amber. Wear a mask if spraying/fumigating to avoid direct inhalation.


Aqueous iodide solutions have a light orange-brown color. Avoid contact with paper and other products that may contain starch. Amylose in starch will form a deep blue color in the presence of iodide. Water soluble iodine will not stain skin and natural fibre clothes. If accidentally splashed onto your clothes, wash immediately with water. Some hard plastics and tubing may discolor when exposed to water souble iodine. Always test on an inconspicuous area before using.

Read the label or MSDS for dosage instructions and additional product information.