Aqueous iodide solutions have a light orange-brown color.  May cause staining on some surfaces. Avoid contact with paper and other products that may contain starch. Any content in starch will form a deep brown color in the presence of iodide. Water-soluble iodide will not stain skin and natural fiber clothes. If accidentally splashed onto your clothes, wash immediately with water. Some hard plastics and tubing may discolor when exposed to water soluble iodine. Always test on an inconspicuous area before using.

Foaming hand wash: Use 1 pump of foaming soap, apply to hands and rub until dry. Rinse with water if available. 0.83ml(0.028fl oz)per pump. Maximum hand/skin pumps per day: 17(1-3yrs), 26(4-8yrs), 52(9-13 yrs), 103(14+yrs)

Hand Spray: Spray directly into the palm, rub until dry. 0.14mL(0.005fl oz) per spray. Maximum hand/skin sprays per day: 47(1-3yrs), 71(4-8yrs), 142(9-13yrs), 284(14+yrs)

DO NOT INGEST. Keep cool and away from direct sunlight. Discard unused contents if not amber in colour. Consult a health care professional for use on infants, or if you are pregnant, lactating, or with thyroid disorder.


Hand Wash & Foaming Hand wash


No-sting and safe for the skin. All-natural & scent-free.

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